Middle Road Veterinary Hospital

Handy tips for your Feline friends when coming to Middle Road Vet

Tips for you and your cat when visiting your Vet at Middle Road Vet.

We understand how hard it can be to explain you are unwell to your owners, so a health check is important.

Middle Road Vets can pick up subtle signs that you may be experiencing, yet hiding very well from your owners.

Regular health checks are important because we age four times faster than people and a lot can change in a year!

The vet will give you a thorough examination, health check, ears, eyes, teeth, heart and everything from nose to tail. 

If you are due for a vaccination to protect you against nasty diseases such as “Cat Flu” and “Feline Enteritis” or worming and other parasitic control needs to be administered to make it easier for your owner.

Before you run and hide under the bed or another hiding spot your owner doesn’t know of yet, here are a few tips for your owners which may make the trip easier;

  1. Leave my transport cage / carrier out for a few days.  Feed me a few treats in the cage and this will make the cage a happier place to be.
  2. Keep me inside on the day of the visit.
  3. Always place my cage on the floor of the car or secure it with a seatbelt during the trip.
  4. Perhaps put newspaper or towel on the bottom of the cage… just in case.
  5. If you have ‘Feliway spray’, maybe a couple of sprays of the cage and in the car would help making the trip bearable for all.

If your cat is sick or injured, please do not feed me, just in case I need to be admitted to hospital and I don’t have to come back the following day to be admitted if need be.














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