Middle Road Veterinary Hospital


“Thank you, Terry and your staff, for your kind care”

“Thank you so much for your thoughtful gesture…. I know you did everything in your power to try to save him and were very kind in so many ways”

“Thank you all again for thinking of us as it means so much to know that you care”


“We want to express our gratitude to all of your for looking after our pet over the years”

“We thank you all for your kindness to us as a family and your sensitivity”

“Thank you so much for everything you guys do for our dogs in the past and the future.  We would recommend you guys to anyone!”

“The love and care our pets received is beyond amazing, we are so grateful for all at Middle Road”

“Wonderful team of caring staff who always greet you with a smile. Affordable price, real advice and great opening hours catering for those of us who work full time. Have and will always recommend you!”

Great people to deal with fair pricing”

“Really good vet and excellent staff. Have been going to this vet for 5 years, has good opening hours”

“Wonderful staff and a very caring and knowledgeable vet... This is our furever puppy dog doctor”

“Easy to find with ample parking. Vet was on time and very knowledgeable. Gave us some very good tips on handling the new puppy”

“Great friendly affordable”

“Great service”

“Highly recommend Terry and his team. Knowledgeable and down to earth. Always felt and comfortable and confident in treatment options and advice I was given”

Very excellent doctor and cheaper price”

“I am pleased to have found Dr Terry to look after the health of my pet chickens. His veterinary knowledge paired with experience from raising his own poultry make him an excellent choice of vet. So much I had read on forums online has turned out to be unsound advice. With the long opening hours of the Middle Rd clinic and reasonable consult fees I now turn to Dr Terry instead of the internet when I have any problems with my feathered friends”

“Wouldn't take my Pets Anywhere else. Good prices & good with our pets. I couldn't say a bad word against them. Been going there since 2004”

“We absolutely love Doctor Terry! The staff are wonderful and very caring/friendly. The prices are great, and we are never forced for anything our pups don’t need. Highly recommended for all your fur babies’ needs!”

“I would like to thank Dr Terry and staff for the wonderful help you gave to my quaker. (Zena) she is making a wonderful recovery and gained 3 grams this morning. I would highly recommend Terry to anyone that has a sick bird. Once again Thank you for all your help and Zena says thanks also”

“The best vet I have ever dealt with. I have used Terry and his team for close to 20 years. I know my animals’ health is always their number one priority & that they are always in the best of care. I always trust in Terry's decision, and I am grateful that my animals have lived long and healthy lives due to this veterinary hospital”

“Excellent service. The vet was caring towards our dog”

“I was very impressed with Dr Terry’s knowledge of avian health. Living on the south side, I needed to find an avian vet as I have over 30 birds that will no doubt need veterinary attention at some point in their lives. My two Budgies, Wilson and Mrs Norris were looking a bit sickly and Dr Terry took the time to do all relevant tests and find out what was wrong with them. Furthermore, the price was fantastic.

After previously paying over $400 for one bird’s diagnoses and treatment at another vet, I was very pleased when my bill was given to me at this vet.

And Dr Terry is a vet that seems like he WANTS to help your smaller pets. My birds mean just as much to me as my dog does and I expect the same amount of care and passion. Dr Terry definitely delivered service! Thankyou!”

“First visit with my ‘Ekky’ today for microchip the assistants are welcoming very friendly.  My ‘bewdiful’ Ekky after spending day surgery came home happy as, so I feel she has had a good experience.

Doc Terry was informative when I asked several questions. Can't fault the care and attention received.  Thank you. Will pass on my experience to fellow workers”

“Friendly staff. Ok prices”

“Great vet and caring staff”

“Absolutely love the service that is provided. The nurses are fabulous, and Dr Terry is straight to the point and no mucking around. Ruger our IW is very shy and timid but loves going to see the gang at Middle Road Veterinary Clinic.  Thank you for your services to both Ruger and our other dogs”

“Can't recommend them enough, Dr Terry is a wealth of knowledge and has always been straight forward and honest when I've taken my pets to him. The staff have always been wonderful, and their pricing is very reasonable (especially when it comes to an avian vet!). I was worried about taking in a sick chicken thinking a vet would just tell me to put her down, but Dr Terry was great in treating her and offering excellent advice for all their specific breed requirements. Thank you guys for always being wonderful”

“I cannot recommend Terry enough. He is a caring and sensitive vet. The staff are always friendly and obliging, always polite. He has always looked after our dogs over the years with love and caring. Thanks to his wife Sharyn for her support and caring. I would willingly recommend Terry to anyone who is looking for a good vet.  Thanks to all for treating our dogs over the years with dignity and respect”

“Words cannot express my thanks & appreciation for this fantastic facility! Dr Terry & his staff didn't know me, my son or my animals! Long story short!  I called to make an appointment for my ailing 13-year-old cat! My usual vet was extremely supportive, but trading hours were an issue for the immediate ongoing care my cat may require! My gorgeous Charlotte was very ill, Charlie at middle road diagnosed & discussed her concerns for my baby’s health as poor! Tests confirmed Dr Charlie was right & after consultation with Dr Terry led to the agonising decision to lay Charlotte to rest with dignity as her quality of life was poor.  Sadly, my baby girl was laid to rest after my son & I were given time to consider our options! We were given so much time, understanding & support I cannot compliment these wonderful people enough!  Thank you, Middle Road Vet Hospital! My journey is still difficult but not as difficult as it may have been without your support !!!!!”

“Terry and his staff have looked after all of our pets (cats, mice, birds and dogs) for the last 20+ years. We are extremely grateful for the professional service and medical care provided. Would "always" recommend Terry as a vet”

“Thank You for looking after our baby so well and all the cuddles and love you heaped on her”

“I've taken both my cats to this Vet and I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else. Staff are super friendly, helpful & comforting. Dr Terry has been nothing but helpful in all my visits there

A Vet that isn’t just interested in $$. A refreshing change. Great care taken with our furry family member”

“Great vet will be coming back again I like the fact the vet took the time to explain things to me in a way I understand customer service was extremely good and I explained my circumstances and they were very understanding I would recommend this vet to anyone who owns an animal me and Nacho are very grateful for a Excellent service! thanks for helping my boy out!”

“Wonderful and caring staff. Our fur baby just had babies and the support you guys gave was unreal, even with the sadness of losing some fur puppies. Fantastic advice. Always providing the time to care for our fur babies. Thank you for giving your time and support”

“lovely caring and wonderful variety of staff who are great with the furry people”